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Who is Brad Green?

  • Entrepreneur / Businessman
  • Familyman, Father of 4
  • Community Leader
  • Famous Missionary
  • Gun Advocate
  • Former Republican Leader
  • Effective Grassroots Fighter

My name is Brad Green. I'm running for United States House of Represenatives from Congressional District 2. Utah deserves a representative that shares the pro-freedom values of the majority of Utahns. I am that candidate. My platform is simple: defend the US Constitution's original intent. That includes fighting for a constitutionally-limited federal government; separation of powers; co-equal branches of government; and a respect for the sovereignty of these United States.

As an entrepreneur, I've had to learn when is appropriate to take risks and when to say no. The biggest part of my business is the ever-challenging eCommerce site PlumbersStock.com. It is a business that never closes, reaches every corner of the world, and has served millions of customers over the years. It also employs hundreds of people, and needs to be reliable for the well-being of their families.

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As a familyman, I've had to learn patience, earn respect, and stand on principle. As an engaged citizen, I have a reputation of beig fair and consistent, and am known as a fighter and a 'doer'. Maybe the most valuable lesson I've learned is how different everyone is! It's abusrd to think that the Federal Government can make wide-reaching rules and expect them to work for 330 million different people. As your representative in Congress I'll take the skills I've learned to serve you, gain your respect while respecting you, and ensure the well-being of your family.

In our modern day, the Federal Government has become unaccountable to those it is tasked to defend and serve. Congress's favorability is at all-time lows. Many citizens feel disenfranchised, ignored, and abused. With the scope of government growing so far outside its original intent, there seems to be an infinite hunger for more federal power and influence.

The "Founding Fathers" of this great nation foresaw that risk, and tried to build safeguards against it; but we the people have lost our voice, and are continually losing our power. I have learned ways to reverse that trend, and I want to show millions of others how to join me in that effort!

Born in Moab, Utah, and raised in Cedar City (from the age of 9), thanks to hard-working and adventurous parents--I have been blessed to see most of this world. It is clear to me that there is no place on earth quite like Utah. I'm extremely partial to rural Utah, as I love the people here, the culture, beautiful scenery and grandeur of the mountains.

In 1999, after graduating from Cedar City High School (Go Redmen!), I spent 2 years in (and around) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is another amazing city and surrounding area! Despite being on a religious mission, I learned A LOT about human nature, money, myself, hospitals (more on that later), and about politics. While I was fairly shielded from the rigors of civil debate, I learned the "made and imagined" nature of laws and the dire impact that can be caused by bureaucratic lack of vision and reasonability. I learned about the fragile nature of fiat currency, and the family impact of economic policy. I also learned that criminals don't follow laws, and how laws can often put law-abiding citizens at risk.

On March 10, 2001, at the end of my time in Brazil, I was touring Rio with my parents. We took a wrong turn into a bad neighborhood, and became the prey of evildoers. When the smoke (literally) cleared, and the doctors and police pieced together what had happened, we realized we were fortunate to be alive. My dad and I had both been shot three times, and lived to tell the tale. You can read more about that (click) here. Despite the hardship and pain of the moment, I stand more firmly than ever in support of the SECOND AMENDMENT's protections of our human right to keep and bear arms. Not even a "fringe" of that right should be violated, and I plan to push back hard against current infringements.

Supported by an amazing family, and an army of friends, involved community members, and volunteers--I hope to earn your respect and win your support to take Utah's values to Washington D.C.

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My Issues

Fight against taxes

The power to tax is the power to destroy. The Federal Income Tax is the most destructive policy. My top priority, if elected, will be to work with others to promote the repeal of the 16th Amendment and abolish the IRS.

On "tax day" in April of 2023, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas demanded the end of IRS 'weaponization' of tax code. And he called to abolish the IRS. In the House of Representatives, I would help Senator Cruz by being willing to sponsor and promote similar legislation in the House.

Before the 16th Amendment, the Federal Government was required to pass a budget; and then bill the several States for their portion of that budget, according to their proportion of population in the country. For example, Utah's 3.3 million resident population is about 1% of the national population; so their proportion of the national budget would be about 1%.

In a system without the 16th amendment, the Federal Government would have to come asking the States for money, and States would have the upper hand. States would have an incentive to make the US Government efficient, frugal and accountable.

Instead of States begging the Feds for money, the Federal Government would be accountable to the States. That's the way this nation was created, and this is one important change that we revert back to its Constitutional origins.

This is my top issue, because it would have the most widespread postitive impact on Utahns, and the rest of the world. Our world's economy is tied to our stock market, and (with apologies to Ronald Reagan for the paraphrase) taxes on income are the epoxy that greases the wheels of progress. We can do better.

Separation of Powers

The most brilliant parts of the Constitution's structure are the "co-equal branches of governemnt", and "separation of powers". Three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Elegant and visionary!

The legislative branch (House and Senate) represent the people and are the ONLY branch given authority to make laws. Legislators are tasked with staying in contact with the people and representing the consent they are willing to give to government authority. These representatives are tasked with making laws clear and specific enough that the average citizen can understand and consent or protest.

The executive branch is tasked with executing (carrying out) those laws, and does not have legal authority to make them. The President was not meant to be a king, but a servant and a leader. They were meant to be someone who could motivate and inspire the nation, and those public servants hired to help carry out the duties given by Congress.

Likewise, the judicial branch is not tasked with making laws, but only judging whether or not the laws made by the legislative branch are within the authority granted by the Constitution. Their decisions can provide clarity when the Legislature failed to make laws clear enough, and can block executive overreach that could lead to tyranny.

It is critical to the survival and success of these United States that we demand and enforce these co-equal branches of government to ensure the separation of powers, so as to protect the rights of this people to a free and prosperous society.

State Sovereignty

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution, the last Amendment in the "Bill of Rights", adds important clarity to the "separation of powers". It stipulates that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

The several States, and the people as individuals are recognised by this "Supreme Law of the Land" as the source of the rights delegated to this Nation, and those powers not delegated are "reserved" for us respectively. Just as Government agents at all levels work diligently to maximize their abilities and reach, how much more should we work diligently to defend our rights and expand our ability to exercise them!

One area where many States can be defending and exercising their rights is with regard to public land. In the West of this country, HUGE areas of land are claimed by the Federal Government. While states East of Colorado have largely had their territory turned over to control of those States, the Western States average 45.9% of their land claimed by the Federal Government. Nearly 2/3 of Utah's land is "owned" by the Federal Government, 35 million acres! No wonder it's so expensive to live here!

Another area I hope both States and Citizens will stand up and defend their rights is gun ownership. Restrictions on gun-ownership, and use, are NOT among the ennumerated powers of the US Constitution. In fact, they're expressly prohibited from restraining us! Protest, dissent, and resistance to this improper use of federal power are important to safeguard all of our rights.


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