The Family Man

Brad & Elisabeth Green Engagement

The Green familiy is a strong one. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are a common part of life in the Green family. From monthly extended family dinners, to vacations together, to spending time at Green family cabin, there's always family around to find support, love, and fun.

On a smaller scale, Brad's household is still a lot of family! Elisabeth Harris came into Brad's life in 2003 and gave Brad the confidence to do great things. They were married the following year and now have 4 healthy, precocious, and (usually) happy kids who remind them daily that the purpose of life is growth and learning. Clearly a blessing from above, Brad & Liz have two boys and two girls. Brindalyn, Rylan, Kelton, and Kysalyn. "They make our life complete, but sometimes they can sure be a handful!" Three of them teenagers now, all four will be teenagers before Brindalyn turns 18.

Brad & Elisabeth Green Family

Showing this world to their kids, and helping them understand how it works and how it came to be the way they're seeing it, are some of the most valuable times they've had in life. The Greens believe it is a parent's right and responsibility to teach their children and prepare them to be able to make a positive influence in the world throughout their life. What's more, seeing the world through the kids eyes teaches us lessons we could never learn on our own.

Brad & Elisabeth Green Family

The Eternal Student

Brad Graduated from Cedar High School in 1998 with a decent GPA and a 'letter' in football (and a minor in female studies ;). Following an LDS mission to Brazil, he attended Southern Utah University (SUU) where he got a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Information Systems with a minor in foreign languages (Portuguese & Spanish).

Brad & Elisabeth Green Family

Some of his most valuable lessons, however, were learned on his mission in and around Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The struggle of poverty in some areas was really eye-opening to Brad. He learned how incredibly wealthy Americans are by comparison, and how good we have it. He learned about stewardship of the environment, how hard work pays off in the long run, and how fostering relationships can last a lifetime. He also learned an interesting lesson about monetary policy by collecting all of the old currency notes from Brazil's turbulent economic history with fiat currency and attempts to implement "real" socialism in Brazil.

By the end of his mission, Brad was sure he would be able to better understand the world and be prepared for anything life threw at him. The more we learn, however, the more we realize that we do not know. This is perhaps the most valuable lesson we can learn.

Brad still dedicates a significant portion of his time each week to learning. He prefers learning from the perspective of others and has gained a large network of friendships across all kinds of people. Despite being staunchly pro-capitalism, Brad once was given an award as the "most respectful debater", by a friend who is a self-described "national socialist" (nazi). There is something to learn from everyone, whether it be from books, debates, or social media posts. Brad tries to make sense of it all in his eternal search for more truth.

Learning about Faith and Fear in Brazil

No one understands what gun violence really looks like better than Brad Green and his parents, who, on a rainy night in Rio de Janeiro 20 years ago, found themselves facing down the barrels of two guns after turning onto the wrong freeway ramp.

Newspaper article about shooting in Rio de Janeiro in 2001

Brad's parents Garth and Wendy had travelled to Rio de Janeiro to "pick up" Brad from missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–Day Saints. As they traveled back to the capital after visits to some rural areas in Brazil, two unknown gunmen forced the Green's car from the road and opened fire. Remember that scene from "Fast and the Furious" where Jonny Tran turns the car into swiss chese? That was fairly similar to what happened to us, but we didn't escape the car, and it didn't explode (no NOS onboard).

An hour later in the hospital, Brad sat on a gurney waiting for his dad to recieve emergency surgery, when the nurse discovered a bullet hole in his side, under his arm. During the attack, Brad had raised his arms, to signal being no threat to the bad guys with guns. Turns out, that didn't stop them from shooting; and two bullets went in through Brad's side, puncturing both lungs, diaphragm, his stomach, intestines, liver, and breaking a rib. Another bullet broke his left arm, and at the angle of impact suggested the bullet likely would have hit him in the head, had he not raised his arms. Brad stopped all three bullets internally.

Especially after this harrowing experience with firearms, Brad understands the absolute need for individuals to have the ability to legally purchase and use guns protection whenever neccessary. He knows first hand that gun violence is horrific, but has unique knowledge of what happens when only the bad guys have guns. Despite being shot three times, Brad still loves the Second Amendment.

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The Entrepreneur

Brad had seen a difference in lifestyles, status, and fulfillment from his Dad's celebrated 19 years as a bank manager for First Security Bank and then transitioning to be a struggling entrepreneur. Despite no longer having weekends available for camping, fishing, or other projects (for a several years), Brad's dad seemed happier to run his own business. He could spend time with them teaching his kids work ethic, when the bank wouldn't even let them mow the lawn! If he didn't like a system or policy, it was up to him to decide what was better. This kind of work was a breath of fresh air to Garth Green; Brad noticed and became determined to find something like that for his career.

Brad Green & Jay Ziegler @ Paiute Tribe

Right out of college though, Brad worked in the profession he'd been trained to occupy. He was a network and computer IT professional for the Paiute Indian Tribe, based out of Cedar City. The pay was good, his co-workers respected him and were good to him, he got to meet interesting people and learn from their similarities and differences; but the bureaucratic nature of this job was a burden, and the wasteful nature of government funding was hard to accept.

After a failed attempt at running his own real estate investing business in 2007-2008, Brad swallowed his pride and took a job at the construction supply house his dad had founded, Southwest Plumbing Supply. Brad's brothers and a longtime employee were in charge of the company at this point, and they seemed to have the spark Brad saw in his dad's eyes during his adolescence. He started at the bottom again; making deliveries, working in the warehouse and pipe yard, and making sales to contractors.

Brad Green in the GO Green Cedar City DevDen

For six years Brad worked in the Springville branch of Southwest Plumbing Supply. His base salary wasn't even as good as his first job right out of college, but with the commission opportunity he'd been given--and lots of hard work--he was able to provide for his young family. By 2014, he was considered the best outside salesman the company had ever had.

Then came a change. The company's web division, mostly through PlumbersStock.com had grown significantly and the IT team needed help to "take it to the next level". The company's CEO asked Brad if he would move back to Cedar City and learn how to be a computer programmer. After a few months learning the basics, Brad moved his family of 6 back to his hometown and embarked on a whole new career.

Brad Green in the GO Green Philippine DevDen

With such growth in the company's web division, Brad had plenty of opportunity to grow and develop his programming skills. Within 2 years, his efforts had succeeded in raising the company's profit margins on online sales around 6%, which on $20MM in sales (in 2016) was a big deal! Brad was offered an opportunity to buy company stock and become an owner of a successful company like he'd always dreamed of.

GO Green Philippines Office

Thanks to the stellar team at GO Green Enterprises, Brad has seen incredible grown in business. The company now runs around-the-clock and around the globe thanks to 320 employees. Most employees are based out of Utah, with 5 wholesale brick-and-mortar stores, two fulfillment warehoues, and four large-scale manufacturing brands owned and maintained by the company. The company also has a fulfillment warehouse in Kentucky, another wholesale branch in Mesquite, Nevada, and an office in the Philippines providing help for our US-based operations 24 hours a day.

Learning from, Teaching, and Leading Others

Picture of Advocates for a Prosperous Community Meeting

In 2015, having recently moved to Cedar City, I wanted to have a group of freedom-minded friends with whom I could discuss the events in our community, teach each other the nuances, and support each other in advocating for positive change. We called our group "Advocates for a Prosperous Community" (APC), and started meeting weekly. Our mission is: "We advocate for, encourage, and support: moral freedom-minded ideas and individuals in the pursuit of a prosperous community for all."

Within the space of about a year, the group had a regular following of people who were attending public meetings, meeting those elected to represent us, speaking up in those public meetings, and reporting back to the group. We quickly became the most broadly informed group of citizens in our community. We knew a little about most public meetings, and we knew the 'players' involved in most of those dealings.

Picture of APC

We also learned quickly who we could trust to defend or advance liberty, and who was more commonly running the other way. We started to support those who were fighting for liberty, because frequently they were fighting alone! In 2016, we endorsed and volunteered for two candidates whom we felt were worthy of our time and efforts. This support for candidates grew over time, and we have now officially endorsed, sponsored, recruited, and otherwise helped to victory 12 different candidates; as well as helping several citizen referendums see success in our area and beyond.

In 2017, I ran for Iron County Secretary for the Republican Party; and lost to a lovely female candidate who was more prepared than me the day of convention. A few weeks later, I was contacted by the county party chair and asked if I was willing to still do that job, because the current secretary had resigned. I became secretary of the Iron County GOP and then discovered that the secretary was in charge of the main fundraiser the county party uses to fund its efforts: the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Picture of Ron Paul Dinner

Being a "dreamer", I sought out the biggest name I thought I could connect with: Ron Paul. It took a lot of work, and money, but I was able to get enough donations, and enough ticket sales, to fly Ron Paul into Cedar City (on a private jet) for the event. The event was a smash hit! Even Mitt Romney couldn't avoid it, he was running for his Senate campaign and he joined us for the festivities. Turns out he and Dr. Paul are friends as a result of getting shunned by the other candidates in the 2016 presidential election. Ryan and Cliven Bundy showed up to show support (recently released from custody after the acquital and subsequent mistrial), and Dave Bateman came and gave a grandios speech about the dangers of the Utah Legislature's takeover of the Republican Party via SB54 (2014).

Picture of Ron Paul

What seemed like the next week, but was actually 8 months later, a SCC (state central committee) delegate from our county resigned to run for a county office. The county central committee selected me as his replacement. My first SCC meeting was the now infamous meeting where the "Gang of 51" held their ground and the State Republican Party was able to accept a large donation from Dave Bateman and continue the SB54 lawsuit to the US Supreme Court. It was a political baptism by fire!

In 2019 I was elected the chairman of the Utah State Republican Party Audit Committee. Membership on the GOP Executive Committee came with that, and I leared about the struggles that the Republican Party has been suffering as a result of the legislature's takeover of the party's nomination process. If ever there were election interference in Utah, SB54 was it. Those who vote "Republican" because they think that means pro-freedom, or anti-communism, they will often be dissapointed because the Republican Party has very little ability to protect its brand anymore. Candidates want to use the party's name, but all-too-often aren't willing to stand for the party's principles. Party leadership can't "blow the whistle" because they're sworn to "neutrality" until after a primary, but if the wrong candidate wins the primary, they can't publicly oppose them without resigning first.

Picture Brad Green with Ron Paul

So as a leader in both the Iron County and Utah State Republican Party, I left in 2021 and joined the Libertarian Party. This party still has the willingness to fight for their values, and man do they fight! It is my opinion, that in the State of Utah, idealistically speaking, the Libertarian Party is the largest party in the state. Its values encompass about 70% of the Democrat Party Platform, and about 85% of the Republican Party Platform. It's no surprise that Libertarian candidates in Utah frequently get endorsements from former chairpersons of both Republican and Democrat parties. LP candidates are pro-liberty, pro-transparency, pro-accountability, and 100% for smaller government that is well-restrained by well-written and actively-enforced laws. I think in most states, the Libertarian Party is actually one of the top two parties, but fear keeps people voting for something that continues not to work.

With my Republican leadership experience, my consistent advocacy for limited governemnt, and my wealthy and/or connected network of friends, I am an electable candidate from the Libertarian Party. As Ronald Reagan said: "the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism", and "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally". You can rely on me to be your friend and ally. I ask for your vote, and thank you for your time.